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The Basics

Who We Are
Monoline municipal bond insurers and reinsurers are members of AFGI.

Our Guarantee
A bond or other security insured by an AFGI member has the guarantee that interest and principal will be paid on time and in full.

Who Benefits From Our Insurance?
Issuers, taxpayers and investors do. Because an insured issue receives the higher rating of its insurer, municipal issuers benefit from lower financing costs that result from insurance. AFGI estimates that since the industry's inception in 1971 municipalities and their taxpayers have saved more than $40 billion in interest costs as a result of bond insurance. In the asset-backed markets, insurance reduces borrowing costs for issuers, and offers better market access and greater ease of deal execution. Investors are financially protected against issuer default through the insurer's guarantee of payments.

A Conservative Approach
To safeguard our individual ratings and to protect the interests of insured bond investors, AFGI firms focus on insuring securities with a low risk of default. More than 95% of securities insured by the Triple-A insurers are rated investment grade before insurance is provided. Further, we conduct our own thorough research on the insurability of an offering, and all Triple-A insurers subscribe to a zero-loss underwriting standard, meaning that only issues with the lowest probable risk of defaulting are insured. Click here for more on the industry's conservative underwriting practices.

The industry also follows conservative accounting principles. The premiums are held in reserve and recognized as income over the life of the insured obligation, contributing to predictable returns and safety for investors.

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